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What is climate change?

Climate change affects the weather, temperature, and most of all, life. Scientists have found that fossil fuels we puff into the atmosphere have affected our Earth’s atmosphere

Biochemical Cycles

There are four important biogeochemical cycles of ecosystems. There is the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the carbon cycle, and the phosphorus cycle. These cycles play such an important part in ecosystems that if one cycle just stopped, the life that the ecosystem would die.

What is chronic pain?

Pain minimizes injury and death, but some people suffer from chronic pain or pain that lasts after an injury (allodynia).

How climate change changed Maine’s market

PORTLAND, Maine — The Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Andrew Pershing and USM’s Karen Wilson observed that the change in Maine’s temperature affected Maine’s lobster, cod and herring populations.

Teaching climate change

PORTLAND, Maine — Lucille Benedict is an associate professor at the University of Southern Maine who teaches climate change education to her general chemistry students.

What is Natural Selection?

We’ve all heard about the naturalist, Charles Darwin, and his voyage on the HMS Beagle. He looked at some finches. He found out about natural selection. He wrote a book. What was it called?

Scarborough’s food waste program

SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Scarborough’s solid waste pilot program did not work for the residents of Pleasant Hill Road based on their feedback sent in September 2017, but the program was not a waste of time, according to the town Scarborough.

Climate change changed Maine

PORTLAND, Maine — Spring is arriving earlier, according to this report from the state of Maine. The climate in Maine is changing where summers have gotten hotter, and winters “becoming warmer and less snowy” according to the report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

Maine must plan for the future

PORTLAND, Maine — We must plan for the future due to the climate change effects on Maine’s farming and fishery businesses, according to a climate change report sent from Climate Change Institute (CCI) and the University of Maine at Orono (UMO).

Maine’s coastline takes a hit from climate change

PORTLAND, Maine — Maine Law, Maine State Planning Office, and Maine Geographical Society prepared a plan called Anticipatory Planning for Sea-Level Rise Along the Coast of Maine on how Maine can prepare for the erosion of shoreline due to rising sea levels.

Climate change stressors on Casco Bay

CASCO BAY, Maine — The members of the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership are working together through the Casco Bay Plan to protect the natural beauty and resources of Casco Bay from climate change since 2016, according to the Casco Bay Plan 2016 – 2021.

Winter ticks caused a decrease in the moose population

Durham, NH — Mortality rates of moose is due to the winter tick increase, according to researchers. The change in temperature in the Northeast allows the winter tick to flourish, said researchers.


Essay: social media influence on Paganism

As some of you know, I did a project on how social media influences P(p)aganism.

The curious case of witchcraft as a religion

In this series, I discuss some history regarding Wicca and modern paganism.


Richards Family Change

There is no telling how exactly death will change a family. A loving wife and mother, Roxanne (Roxy) Richards, died in September 2018 at the age of 65.


Memes and their Ironic Sexism [Trigger Warning; disturbing texts in this essay]

Memes and their Ironic Sexism: An Analysis of the journal article
“Old Jokes, New Media-Online sexism and constructions of gender in Internet memes” by Jessica Drakett, et al

Text as memoir

Essay and reflection on the film Beloved.

Harassment on feminist cyber communities [Trigger warning, disturbing text in results and discussion]

This project explores the effects of online harassment on cyberfeminist communities. It is a compilation of studies as well as the conclusion of an experiment. This project displays data both qualitative and quantitative that supports the idea that online harassment can have negative effects on cyberfeminist communities such as making the community a hostile place, ruining its reputation, causing emotional and mental damage to the moderators and members, and creating chaos in the community. Qualitative data is from my personal experience owning and maintaining a cyberfeminist community through Discord Server. The quantitative data are dissuasive words and statements sent by pending members in the pending members chat. No names or any identifiers are recorded.

the problem with Buzzfeed’s reports about occultism

One of my favorite series to watch is Buzzfeed’s Unsolved.

What media teaches: medication as weakness

The media likes to showboat the idea that (prescription) medication equals bad.